Leadership Development & Personal Effectiveness

Managing yourself for performance excellence personally and professionally

60 hours program / 6 months, one to one coaching

Personal effectiveness is a branch of the self-help movement dealing with success, goals, action plans and related concepts. Effectiveness and performance always go hand in hand. You may be intelligent, you have dream and knowledge and other resources, but only effectiveness converts them into results.


This course helps you to ignite your true potential, sharpen the skills and execute decisions in a better way. People will notice and appreciate your performance and you can move up to next level easily.

Key areas:

  • Set GOAL, set good example for others
  • Prioritize work and life
  • Create an Impact and motivate team with Effective Communication
  • Take better decisions and help others do the same
  • Understand your organization’s point of view better
  • Professional Impression Management
  • To present ideas distinctively, creatively and convincingly
  • Effective Writing : Planning, Drafting, Editing, Presenting
  • Competencies and Skills needed by the modern Executives
  • Developing better Interpersonal Relationships with others
  • Team building and Team Work
  • Creating future Leaders by instilling High Impact leadership qualities


  • One to one coach
  • Counseling  / SWOT analysis
  • Setting goals with action plans
  • Sharpening / learning necessary skills
  • Monitoring and watching performance changes
  • Motivational exercise, movie clippings and Videos
  • Follow-up sessions over the phone and email.
  • Become member of VNCT Executive Club

I found this is a result oriented, organized coaching system. Mr. Nair’s SWOT analysis and goal setting really helped me to learn new skills in a faster way. It is amazing. Now I have moved to next level in my organisation.

Vishnu Engineer, L&T