(For Job seekers and Fresher) 

Mr. Nair founder and CEO of VNCT has designed experiential, content rich professional finishing course. “I want all the graduates to be industry-ready. There is a need to bridge the gap between knowledge and wisdom.”

Beyond qualification and Technical skills one needs to learn soft skills to get into the corporate world and move on to the next level. Everybody needs to project an appropriate, attractive and pleasing personality in every situation in the corporate world.

The experiential, content rich and most advanced methods of our system are designed on 360 degree approach with well articulated tools including indoor / outdoor games, Personality Tests, Motivational Movies, Power Speeches etc.

This program has the following purpose:

  • Transition to Corporate
  • Professional grooming
  • Fulfilling corporate expectation
  • Professional Impression Management
  • To present ideas distinctively, creatively and convincingly
  • Effective Writing : Planning, Drafting, Editing, Presenting
  • Competencies and Skills needed by the modern Executives
  • Developing better Interpersonal Relationships with others
  • Team building and Team Work
  • Creating future Leaders by instilling High Impact leadership qualities

These proven and well crafted programs are specifically designed for people who want to start a bright career and excel in the corporate world

Note: We club and customize any of our programs to meet your special training needs. This program can be conducted for 2 or 3 days.


“I did some mistakes when I newly joined and faced ire from my boss and colleagues. After joining this course I understood what went wrong. Now I know how to be a true professional”

Tushar Menon, GET, L&T IES