Effective Business Communication

2 days program with video and audio recording.

The ability to communicate, and communicate well, is one of the challenging factors in personal and professional success. Speaking poorly can have serious of consequences.  Miscommunication can lead to employee conflict, confrontation in teams and huge revenue loss.

Good communication is essential to maintaining an efficient workplace. If you’re unable to promote your services and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, your potential is limited.



  • Communicate Confidently
  • Communicate Professionally
  • Create positive impression
  • Sharpen your listening skills
  • Avoid Miscommunication
  • Improve your Body Language and Voice quality
  • Impact of Assertive Language
  • Improve Business writing skills
  • Communicate Electronically
  • On the Telephone


  • Power speech in English / Hindi
  • Participant Manual
  • Games and Exercises/ Role plays
  • Movie clippings and Videos
  • Video and audio recording
  • Interaction and Group participation
  • Power point presentation

All training modules can be customized as per your need. We are sure these programs will help your organization to have win and win workplace and good impression in the business.

To bring this workshop to your community or organization, contact Ms. Dipika Bhatt : 9909010929, 9033834000.